About me

I’m a man in the mid 30’s who has been left by a woman, a woman I planned to marry. I fell into the harder depression I’ve ever been. And I’m going to tell you that I’ve never been that kind of man who can fall in depression every 3 seconds. I started smoking cigarettes and drinking heavily. While I was drunk, I fell down the stairs when I was returning home and broke my left leg. Great… now I couldn’t walk and I didn’t have anybody beside my best friend who borrowed me his laptop to help me relax. There, I found the game called Minecraft and at first I didn’t know it was game. I didn’t even know how to work with PC, because when I was young, we didn’t have such thing. He explained me how to play it, and from that day, my life changed in a second. I learned how to play it and fell in love with the video games. I also competed around other players in online game and earned money doing it. What I want to say is that games cured me in every way they could, and I would suggest you to try it. Nothing bad can happen, just good things.